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SOL Vape - Closed Pod Device and Replacement pods

SOL Vape - Closed Pod Device and Replacement pods

The closed system e-cigarette has gained maximum popularity in the recent days as they have much more advantage in ease of use, and satisfaction as compared with the closed system. To your knowledge, the closed system vape are the one which has two main components: the battery or the device and the pod or atomizer which is pre-filled with the nicotine salts of different flavors. The closed system can be used on-the-go as the customer buys it. The pods can be used as long as the juice gets finished. You can re-charge the battery to use it more with other pods too. It has it advantage as you don't need to refill the pods and don't need to worry about changing the coils and getting your hands dirty. 

There are many brands that have their own closed system e-cigarettes in the market. Each brand has their own series of flavored pods.  Sol is one of the premium closed system manufacturer. From the makers of Mighty Vapor - which has its own reputation and line of flavors already popular in the market, SOL vapor has its pods from the same lineup which has already built trust with the vape customers in the market. 

SOL - the ultimate vaping solution, as they do the marketing stating sol is the ultimate solution to your vaping quest. The SOL Device features 350 mAh battery that keeps you powered all day long. Standard micro USB charging port makes it easy for charging as you go. The sleek, lightweight, ultra-portable sol vape device makes you feel like you are smoking a slim cigarette but with pre-filled flavored e-liquid. 

SOL vape pods has the liquid with 5.0% nicotine level. The sol vape device fits the replacement pods so smoothly and gives very smooth straight mouth to lungs hit as your ultimate vape solution.


How Long does it take to charge SOL Device?

-It takes aorund 40-60 minutes for full charge.

How Long does SOL pods Lasts?

- Each pods gives around 400 puffs. so, it totally depends on how frequently you vape. For an average smoker, each pod may last like 2-3 days.

What is the capacity of SOL pods?

- Each SOL pods contains 2ml of flavored nicotine salt.

How much nicotine does SOL pods have?

- SOL pods contains nicotine salt of 50 mg strength.

Can I use SOL Device While Charging??

- SOL Device features pass-through function. So, you can vape the sol Device while it is charging too.

Do I need to change the Coil?

- SOL features button-less activation. you can just inhale to enjoy the vapor. 

Can I refill SOL pods? How can I refill the SOL Pods?

- SOL is a closed System Vape. So, You cannot refill the sol pods. Of Course, You can change the sol pods after your pod becomes empty.


Sol Vape Pods


The strawberry Lychee flavor sol pods is the new flavor pods introduced by the sol vapors. Ripe Juicy Strawberries and sweet lychee combination satisfies your delicious sweet taste pods.


SOL Vape pod with delicious and sweet slushy watermelon flavor to make you wander in sweetness of summer watermelon paradise.


If you are a tobacco lover and don't want to go away from the feel of cigarette smoking, the tobacco flavored SOL Vape pod is your first choice.


The cool and crisp spearmint flavored SOL Pods will make you feel like you are enjoying the spearmint gum but actually you are vaping and enjoying the spearmint flavor rushing through your taste buds.


The slushy, succulent Ripe Mango flavored SOL pods will satisfy your mango desire so well.


The surprisingly delicious flavored pods is named as 'Mystery Pop'. This mysterious fruity combination flavored SOL Vape pods are so delicious you will love the surprise.

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