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Salty Man Nicotine Salt 30ml wholesale

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Salty Man Nicotine Salt



Salty Man nicotine salts were developed to bring some salt into your vaping life! With 12 delicious and unique flavors, Salty Man is sure to have a flavor or two that you will definitely enjoy. Desert flavors, candy flavors, fruity flavors, you name it... Salty Man has it all.

Available in 35mg and 50mg of Nicotine.




Chew by Salty Man is your favorite strawberry watermelon flavored nicotine salt . Try this classic flavor by Salty Man and blow your vape away reminiscing your childhood days!
7 Pound up cake If you're one of the lucky few to have indulged in a cake that is mixed with your favorite lemon-lime soda, then you're in for a treat. You can now vape the delicious flavor of this famous lemon-lime soda pound up cake. 7 Pound Up Cake by Salty Man is exactly what you've been looking for. Delicious lemon-lime soda mixed into a cake batter with a kick of citrus flavor. You won't be disappointed!
 kool peach Everybody's favorite summer fruit has taken nicotine salt form. Peaches are plump, juicy and packed full of goodness. Now you can enjoy this mouthwatering fruit in the form of nicotine salts. Kool Peach by Salty Man is like a fresh ripe peach was smashed down and packed into this skinny 30ml bottle. Little bottle. BIG flavor! 
 Kacti Kooler Imagine being in a tropical island with a fresh drink! Experience the same feel with Salty Man's Kacti Kooler Nicotine Salts. Refreshing orange and pineapple flavored E juice is what you need to brighten your day! This cool flavor will make you drool!! 
 Blue's Lemonade Feeling blue? Salty Man is here to rescue for your blues with it new Blues's Lemonade flavor with its tangy lemonade along with a sweet Raspberry flavor. Pump yourself up with some Blue's Lemonade and enjoy life! 
 Pink Milk Take a moment to think back to the time when you were a kid drinking your favorite strawberry milk. If you were like most kids, you found the flavor to be amazing! There's something about the flavors of strawberry and milk perfectly complimenting each other. These two flavors were just meant for each other. Like two loves who were meant to be! The marriage of strawberry and milk is a force of love you cannot keep apart. Pink Milk by Salty Man is packed with the fresh taste of strawberry milk that your taste buds have been craving ever since you were a child.  
Seedless Sour What were you doing on August 3rd? Did you take time to celebrate that one special day of the year? It is indeed one of the best days of the year. So what were you doing on August 3rd, huh? Do you even know why we're asking this question? If you don't know then you probably do not know that August 3rd is National Watermelon Day! If you didn't take the time to gorge yourself in and pay respect to this wonderful fruit then you must now make up for your sin! Seedless Sour by Salty Man is one way you can make up for the day you disrespected the glorious watermelon fruit. The juicy flavor of watermelon blended with sour goodness. This nicotine salt is not meant for sub-ohm tanks. This juice is extremely high in nicotine and is only meant for low wattage devices. 
Hoops  Hoops by Salty Man is a replica of your favorite fruity cereal. With a fruity taste, Hoops sets off with creamy milky taste giving you the feel of your perfect breakfast!
 Juice Box Try the new Juice box from Salty Man and feel the crisp taste of apples while you vape! Have a feel for a fruity flavored  nicotine salts and enjoy your day ! 
Marshmellow Crisp Thinking about dessert? Want some marshmallows but not ready to roast some? Worry not! Salty Man has a new dessert-flavored Marshmallow Crispy that gives you a sweet and crisp rice treats with creamy taste of marshmallow. 

Must be of legal age to purchase!!

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