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7 Daze

7 Daze

7 Daze Premium E-liquid started as in early 2014 as an e-liquid manufacturer and now they are one of the most famous brands in the vaping industry. As they developed their brand, they provide people what they crave the most and 7 DAZE are now top in the business by applying high-quality elements and producing genuine and flavor-packed e-liquids. They launched their first product ZOOR, a closed system vaporizer that eliminated the need to fill their pod. This product ZOOR was built to give a new user experience with its easiness of use and different nicotine formulation blended. 7 Daze offers a variety of unique flavors choices from sweet candies to juicy apple and mixture of sour. One of their most popular collection is Reds apple, these e-liquids are taking the vaping industry by storm when they came with their intense and fleshy flavor experiences. 7 Daze presents perfect mixtures for a daily vape e-juice. Find your all-day-vape flavors with 7 Daze today!


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