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Juicy AF

Juicy AF

Juicy AF is an American E-liquid company famous for its choice of juice and candy ingredients. This product might seem simple but they are packed with a pressing punch. Juicy AF is the brand new vape collection that will treat your taste buds with amazing flavors, Every one of the juices in this collection has it’s a different filled experience that you are going to fall in love with its first draw. Before it hits the market Juicy AF has gone through a lengthy process of market analysis and only the best flavor is launched. Juicy AF has six flavors in their collection including Strawberry kiwi, Strawberry lemonade, Watermelon, Sour strawberry, Hawaii berry, and Watermelon Ice. Whether you are looking for excellent summer vape or just a fresh, palate-pleasing e-juice is for your next all day vape!


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