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Vaporizers/Vape Pen Batteries

Vaporizers/Vape Pen Batteries

As per wikipedia, "vaporizer or vaporiser, colloquially known as a vape, is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. Plant substances can be used, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends. However, they can also be filled with a combination propylene glycol, glycerin, and drugs such as nicotine (e.g. extract from tobacco) or tetrahydrocannabinol as a liquid solution."

A vaporizer is generally a portable vape pen or a desktop vape and in the shape of a e-cigarette. Basically, with a vaporizer you can vape: dry herbs and tobacco, wax, oil e-liquids and cbd. There are tons of vape pens out in the market today. So, the preference depends on the type of vaping material that you will be using it for. 

Types of Vaporizers:

  1. Pen Vaporizers
  2. Portable Vaporizer
  3. Desktop Vaporizer

Types of Heating Method that a vaporizer uses:

  • Conduction - A process where the material or extracts are heated with the heating coils
  • Convection - A Process where hot air is blown over the materials to make it hot.

Pen vaporizers also vape pens are small pen sized vaporizers. They are typically easy to use, and much cheaper than more portable vaporizers or desktop vaporizers. Vape pens uses generally the conduction process. 

Portable Vaporizers are larger than a vape pen and are convenient enough to take it anywhere. Most of these types of vape are rechargeable. 

Desktop Vaporizers are large sized vaporizers which requires electricity to get charged or turn on. This type of vape deliver high quality vapor and uses convection type of heating. 




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