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What are best selling Nicotine Salts?

What are best selling Nicotine Salts?

Like every industry, the vape Industry has come up a very long way from large vape mods to ultra portable open and closed vape pens. Speaking straight, Nicotine Salt is the spark right now in vape industry. In general, almost all the vapers out there started vaping as a means of quitting the smoking habit. Compared to traditional freebase nicotine, the nicotine salt juices more closely mimic the nicotine experience of a typical cigarette. Great for any ex-smoker or vapers looking for that stronger, smoother hit.

At worldstarvape we have varieties of best nicotine salts ejuice flavors from best salt nic brands like Naked100, Solace, Salty Man, BLVK, 7Daze Reds, Twist Eliquids, aqua, glas, vgod, juice head, minute man, ripe vapes, cloud nurdz, beard, vapetasia, and many more to say on.

Based on the sales analysis from our wholesale store, online store and overseas shipping, we have tried to list the best salt nic juice flavors and brands that we sold the most.


Saltyman is the Premium Brand Known for their specialization in manufacturing best Nicotine salt juice flavors. Among the all flavors, Blue's Lemonade is the flavor that has been everyone's favorite. The sweet blue raspberry lemonade flavor is rich fruity fusion of unique blue raspberry lemonade and nicotine salt to hit you like smoking cigarette.

You Don't like the raspberry or lemonade?? No worries, they have nicotine salts juice flavors from Kool Peach, Kacti Kooler to Blue's Mango and more. Find yourself how many flavors do they got Here  


Solace is another best brand known for their best nicotine salt flavors juice. They are flexible in the quantity and the nicotine level. Available in 15ml and 30ml Bottles, the solace nicotine salts serve best flavors of the nicotine salts that guarantees to satisfy you. Among their best of the flavors, The "Dragon Fruit Menthol" is the one that most of our customers always seeks for. Previously named as "Dragonthol", this mint and fruity flavor is designed such a way that the menthol smokers forgot about going back to smoking again. 

If you are not a big admirer of Menthol cigarettes, don't worry, you can still try the bold tobacco, Creamy Tobacco, Peach or even Latte. You can purchase any solace flavors from Here


Ripe Vapes are the big player in making the amazingly smooth flavors to vape. Among all their flavors, the VCT - Vanilla Caramel Tobacco is the one that has been selling very well among our overseas as well as US customers. Desert lovers will love the sweet vanilla upfront with rich finish of tobacco hit your throat make you feel like smoking a cigarette in the meantime enjoying your favorite sweet vanilla and caramel mix. Available in 3.0% and 5.0% of Nicotine, Ripe vapes also offers, E-liquid lineup for your low nicotine vaping desire. 

You can purchase all the flavors of Ripe Vapes Here.


Naked100 is the market leader in terms of their E-liquid flavors. Very well known for their best fruity flavors, naked100 also offers nicotine salts that are as good as their e-liquids. The nicotine salt juice flavors from naked100 are incomparable with themselves, almost all their flavors are best. However, Hawaiian POG nicotine salt is the flavor, that sells super fast. The Amazing blend of Pomegranate, Orange and Guava gives the perfect balance of the fruit as you inhale the puffs. Have a look at what flavors do Naked100 Salts offers Here.


Mango is everyone's favorite fruit. 7Daze Reds is the brand that has a strong trust in the market. The fruit lineup of Reds E-liquid has their own strong impression among the vape society. Lately, Reds has introduced the Mango flavored e-liquid and nicotine salts. Who would have thought that the mango will gain this much hype. It feels crazy when the 7daze Reds Mango Nicotine salts gets Solds Out very soon and we get out on stock pretty faster. Browse all the flavors of Nicotine Salts that Reds has offer Here


Twist Eliquid is one of the best e-liquid and nicotine salt manufacturer in southern California. Almost every flavors from the Twist sells very good. The Nicotine Salt lineup is also gaining momentum. Among them, Pink Punch Lemonade is the one that most of the people love and says they are utterly satisfied with the flavor as they vape. Available in 35 and 50mg of Nicotine, The nicotine salts are available in 2 x 30ml bottles packed in premium box packaging to satisfy your vaping experience. 

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