WELCOME TO WORLD STAR VAPE. Due to the Vape shipping ban(Pact Act), We will only ship California after 04/27/2021 and for other state we will update soon.
Wholesale Nicotine Salts and Vape e-liquids

Wholesale Nicotine Salts and Vape e-liquids

World Star Vape E-Liquids is Now Open in the heart of Los Angeles to provide premium vape juice and nicotine salts at wholesale price. Worldstarvape is the wholesale sister company of the renowned Cityofvape.com , which supplies vape related products to the retail customers. The retail store owners and online retail business of vape shops can purchase their inventory of vape and nicotine salts through our online store. Worldstar vape has a dedicated team to work on-line and fulfilling the purchase order of customers.

Buying on-line through our store is pretty easy. All you have to do is just register an account by signing up and we need your business permit and tobacco license. You can then browse through our store. We have categorized our products based on Nicotine SaltE-liquids and Vape Hardwares. Browse through the navigation and add the items you want to purchase. After finished purchasing, you can checkout using any of your mastercard, visa card, discover or amex too.

Your order will be fulfilled within 2-3 business days and shipped out to you depending on the days.

Apr 24th 2019 worldstarvape

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